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Let's get Reading!

HCC Reads aims to engage the residents of Halton in reading, listening to and asking about Climate change while learning how we, as a community, can act to protect our planet. It is a program of the Halton Climate Collective and is driven by the Halton Environmental Network. There are 3 ways to get involved: 

Let’s Read: We read “Saving Us” available in your local library or book store starting September 21st.  

Let’s Listen: Katharine will join us and speak about her book, her journey and about climate change. 

Let’s Ask: We ask Katharine questions about her book and climate change. 

Let's Ask!

We Read. We Listened. Now We Ask.

With over 300 questions, we would like to thank YOU for participating. Our partners have selected 10 community questions. We’ve shared them with Dr.Katharine Hayhoe, and we are excited to share the questions and her responses below.

Thanks to Cogeco YourTV for their support and our partners, Greening Sacred SpacesOntario Trillium FoundationMilton Public LibraryHalton Hills Public LibraryOakville Public LibraryHalton District School Board Library, and Burlington Public LibraryThanks to Dr.Katharine Hayhoe and her team for inspiring us to take climate action. You can pick up a copy of Saving Us by visiting your local library or bookstore and join the conversation.

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Let's Listen!

Let’s Listen as Dr. Katharine Hayhoe speaks to us about her novel “Saving Us” to inspire us to take climate action!

We were very fortunate to have Dr.Hayhoe, a leader in her field, join us to speak to our community about how we can take climate action to the next level. 
Saving Us draws on interdisciplinary research and personal stories, to give us the tools to open a dialogue with your loved ones about how we all can play a role in pushing forward for change. Listen as Dr. Katharine Hayhoe shares her lessons with our community of Halton.

Get your copy in person or online at your local library, or at your local bookstore! Check out the full recording of Dr.Katharine Hayhoe’s talk here. 

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Let's Read!

We are excited to announce this year’s book Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World by Katharine Hayhoe, an educational and inspiring book to bring everyone together to act on climate.


“A must-read if we’re serious about enacting positive change from the ground up, in communities, and through human connections and human emotions.”
Margaret Atwood, Author

More about the book:

Called “one of the nation’s most effective communicators on climate change” by The New York Times, Katharine Hayhoe navigates all sides of the conversation on our changing planet. A Canadian climate scientist living in Texas,  She negotiates distrust of data, indifference to imminent threats, and resistance to proposed solutions with ease. Over the past fifteen years Hayhoe has found that the most important thing we can do to address climate change is talk about it—and she wants to teach you how.

In Saving Us, Hayhoe argues that when it comes to changing hearts and minds, facts are only one part of the equation. We need to find shared values in order to connect our unique identities to collective action.This is not another doomsday narrative about a planet on fire. It is a multilayered look at science, faith, and human psychology, from an icon in her field—recently named chief scientist at The Nature Conservancy.Drawing on interdisciplinary research and personal stories, Hayhoe shows that small conversations can have astonishing results. Saving Us leaves us with the tools to open a dialogue with your loved ones about how we all can play a role in pushing forward for change.

More about the author:

Katharine Hayhoe is a climate scientist and chief scientist for The Nature Conservancy. She is also the Endowed Professor in Public Policy and Public Law and Paul W. Horn Distinguished Professor at Texas Tech University. She has been named a United Nations Champion of the Earth and one of Time ’s 100 Most Influential People, and serves as the climate ambassador for the World Evangelical Alliance.

Katharine was a lead author for the U.S. Second, Third, and Fourth National Climate Assessments, hosts the PBS digital series Global Weirding, and has written for The New York Times. Her TED Talk “The Most Important Thing You Can Do to Fight Climate Change: Talk About It” has been viewed over 5 million times. She has a BSc in physics and astronomy from the University of Toronto and an MS and a PhD in atmospheric science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Saving Us book cover.

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