Youth Stakeholders

Andrei Adam

Hi, I’m Andrei Adam. I’m in grade 12 at Abbey Park in Oakville and I’m passionate about advocating for my community. When I was 10, I successfully lobbied my municipality to build a basketball court in my neighbourhood which made me realize the impact speaking up can have. The latest IPCC report moved me to take climate action myself. I started a petition urging Oakville to declare a climate change emergency. After amassing thousands of signatures and delivering a speech to Council, the motion unanimously passed. Getting involved with the HCC this summer through a co-op at the Halton Environmental Network was a way to continue my advocacy for our global community, and I’m excited for the work to be done! Some of my other initiatives includes running a carbon-neutral tutoring business, representing Oakville to the Student Senate, volunteering with the Optimist Club and playing elite-level basketball.

Kayne Boyall

Hi, I’m Kayne. I’m an 18-year-old environmentalist who has been working with the HCC since January 2018. After being so warmly accepted after my move from South Africa in late 2016, I wanted to give back to my community in the best way I could. I threw myself into helping with something I was passionate about and that was a dire issue in today’s world: the anthropogenic climate crisis. Among other volunteer capacities throughout my Canadian high school career, I have worked with groups like OakvilleGreen Conservation Association, iMatter Youth, Halton Environmental Network as well as kickstarting numerous initiatives as president of T A Blakelock High School’s Eco Club. While I am pursuing a BSc in environmental science at the University of Guelph, I hope to continue working closely with the Halton Climate Collective, chiefly on the Generation Green Youth un-summit where we hope to empower local students to actively bring down the carbon footprint of the community and set a precedent for drastic, holistic change towards a sustainable society. We are the first generation to really feel the effects of climate change, but the last who can definitively stop it. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

Kayne Boyall, Youth Stakeholder

Andrew de Souza

Hey, I’m Andrew. I’m a sophomore at Harvard planning on majoring in Environmental Engineering. Ever since my parents took me to endangered locations around the world, I have had a passion for protecting the environment. I enjoy hanging out with friends, watching movies, and playing sports – mainly rugby. This summer I have been volunteering with the Halton Climate Collective in preparation for the Generation Green Un-Conference; I have been working to raise funding as well as track the impact of youth after the Un-Conference. I have loved working with this team, and can’t wait to see the event! 


Andrew de Souza

Ishan Dey

Hi, I’m Ishan. I am a Grade 12 student at Jean Vanier in Milton, who is a member of the Halton Climate Collective, currently working towards a greener future by empowering others to reduce Greenhouse gas emissions. I love giving back to my community, shown through my volunteer experiences with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Halton, the Salvation Army, as well as having the pleasure of being an executive for my schools HOSA club. Alongside this, I love to plan events in my community, most notably being a member of the council responsible for the highly successful Milton MS Walk of 2019. I look forward to continued learning about what we as a community can do to motivate not only ourselves, but each other, to reduce our Greenhouse gas emissions so we can get our planet back on track to a successful future for us all.

Suha Khan

Hello, I’m Suha Khan! I am an 18-year-old environmental activist. I attend the University of Guelph and am pursuing environmental science. I am a youth stakeholder for the Halton Climate Collective. Through the HCC I have had the privilege to partake in numerous opportunities such as facilitate youth-led charrettes for MP Damoff’s Youth Council as well as help plan the Generation Green Youth Un-conference. Outside of this, I have planned community wide food and clothing drives for my school and surrounding neighbourhoods and have held an executive position in my highschool’s Youth In Action club, planning and executing fundraising and awareness campaigns during my presidency. By also completing Garth Webb S.S.’ Environment SHSM, working with HEN and through a variety of volunteering initiatives, I am motivated to not only learn about the current climate crisis but to also take action to drive change in society in order to preserve our planet. I hope that today’s youth are as inspired as I am to implement innovative ideas to reduce our ecological footprint and save the world!

Suha Khan, youth stakeholder

Uzair Khokhar

Hi, I am a 17-year-old environment activist who wants youngsters like me to step up and make this pivotal project successful with far-reaching results. I am currently in Gr 12 at Maclachlan College, Oakville. I am originally from Pakistan and shifted to Canada last year. I intern with the Sparkle Foundation in Malawi as an ambassador in Canada, Canadian Blood Services, WWF(Pakistan), and JOI Oakville as a volunteer. I believe that everyone plans and helps themselves but doing this for the world is what makes one extraordinary. I have a keen interest in debating and have participated at several levels like Fulford League and MUN. Lastly, whatever I do, I always give my best and bring my A-game to every place with lots of energy.

Uzair Khokhar, Youth Stakeholder

Dorian Knight

Greetings, My name is Dorian Knight I’m 17 and I’m a boy with a dream. Cheesy? Yes. My goal is to become a neurosurgeon. While working on that goal I’ve been involved in my community inside and outside of the school system. Inside school, I’m T.A. Blakelock High School’s Co-Prime Minister, Co-president of both Blakelock’s TU20 chapter and DECA chapter, Blakelock’s representative on Stephen Crawford’s youth council, head chair of the club council, active member of Blakelock’s eco club and part of both Senior band and Jazz band. Outside of school I’m a youth stakeholder on the Halton Environmental Network, part of junior optimist, FIRST robotics, the YMCA’s Young Leader’s Initiative and am the account executive for TU20. Volunteering has always been a staple of my high school life as I spend most of my summers volunteering for Safety Net and by being a volunteer camp counselor for the town of Oakville and the YMCA amassing nearly 1000 volunteer hours over my three years of high school. Through the HCC I hope to give back to my community and be a part of the solution to the daunting problem of climate change. I’m elated to be part of this amazing project that will serve as a catalyst for youth climate change action.

Dorian Knight, Youth Stakeholder

Emily Perrino

 Hi, I am 18 years old and I will be attending Queen’s University this fall for a Bachelor of Science. I have been passionate about the environment since I was very young. I am ecstatic to be a member of the Halton Climate Collective and to be helping to bring Generation Green to fruition. I was the president of both Notre Dame high school’s Environmental and Social Justice clubs where we organized numerous waste clean ups and initiatives. I lifeguard for the City of Burlington and Movati Athletic. Whenever I go on walks I make sure to pick up litter wherever I see it and my friends can always count on me to tell them what bin their trash belongs in! The youth leaders behind Generation Green are incredibly inspiring, and I am so lucky to be given this chance to make the world a better (and greener) place.

Emily Perrino

Kabir Sathe

Hi, I’m Kabir Sathe! I am a youth stakeholder on the Generation Green Conference committee. I am an outgoing, passionate individual who enjoys getting involved in his community. Currently, I am in Grade 11 at Georgetown District H.S. I am a strong believer in the fact that there is no limit to what we can accomplish when working together. I spend my free time playing basketball, hanging out with friends and volunteering in my community. I am truly honoured to be a part of this excellent group of people to help spread awareness about climate change and what we can do to preserve our planet.

Kabir Sathe, Youth Stakeholder

Haya Shahrori

Hi, I am Haya Shahrori. I am in Grade 10. I am a part of the HCC and the Generation Green Youth committee. I have delegated to the Milton council and with many other individuals help convinced them to pass the climate emergency motion. I love to make art, any kind of art. I love to help out with a variety of things. I am very passionate about Climate Change. I believe that if we all work together, we can achieve something great. I love to work hard and then play hard! Some key strengths I have are communicating, public speaking, I am understanding, hard-working, and passionate.

Luka Simeunovic

Hi, my name is Luka Simeunovic. I'm a Junior at Garth Webb secondary school. I've had an interest in student voice and the environment since elementary school. In grade eight I joined the student senate which made me realize how I could help my peers and foster youth involvement in the community. Ever since then I've been very involved in student government and representation. I have been in the student senate for 3 years and I have really enjoyed it. I was part of the Minister's Student Advisory Council where 60 kids from all across the province were selected to meet for a week with the Minister of Education and the Premier. We had to write a report about something we were passionate about. I used this opportunity to explain how we need to be teaching kids about environmental challenges now more than ever. I am very passionate about environmental sustainability, I hope to become an environmental scientist and help the planet one step at a time.

Isabela Sipos

Hey, my name is Isabela Sipos and I am a 16 year old environmental activist and youth stakeholder for the Halton Climate Collective (HCC). Currently, I am a grade 12 student at Garth Webb Secondary School in Oakville. I consider myself a very creative, outgoing and driven leader who is determined to make a positive impact on our planet as we work towards a greener future. My passion for environmental preservation and sustainability began at a young age, only to grow as I entered highschool and joined the Environment SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major) program in grade 11. Through this SHSM, I was able to complete a summer co-op with the Halton Environmental Network, along with the HCC, to learn more about what is currently being done about the climate crisis, and what we can do in the future to solve it. I love exploring the great outdoors, and I regularly enjoy supporting community events and park cleanups through volunteering. I actively engage in my school community as an executive member for our Student Activities Council, Student Voice Committee, Youth in Action club, and many more. I believe that youth have the skills, mindsets, and abilities to accomplish incredible things in this world. We can and we will make a difference.

Isabela Sipos, Youth Stakeholder