Gen Green 2021

The Generation Green 2021 Journey

Climate change has increased levels of uncertainty about our future. As its impacts intensify over time, one thing has become certain: We will leave the Earth to today’s children and young people, and to future generations. Generation Green is ready to embrace our role and responsibility to the earth and to do what we can to ensure it’s healthy future. This year Generation Green was funded by the Halton District School Board. 
Here are some highlights: 
  • Over 596 HDSB students were part of the Generation Green 2021 this year
  • 55 Youth Stakeholders were designing, supporting, researching, interviewing and facilitating the initiative including a week-long spring break program. 
  • 124 projects were completed over 6 weeks, with over 160 students engaged in these projects
  • Over 5,000 volunteer hours given out
  • 28 professional judges including HDSB Trustees, Administrators, Teachers, Sheridan College, Dillon Consulting, HEN Board Members, and community members. Dillon Consulting offered a bursary award to the top projects.
Individually every Generation Green HDSB student has shown great achievement and are working hard to reduce GHG in our community. It is our collective action, all of us working together, that makes a big difference! 

Here are the success stories from Generation Green 2020-2021

Take a simple action you do everyday and see if you can make small changes or big changes to reduce your carbon impact. Would you eat less meat, bike more or adjust your thermostat to conserve energy in your home? These are the types of actions HDSB students took when completing their projects.

Every project reduced greenhouse gas emissions in their own way or another, and in Generation Green 2021 reduced a  total 23,912.02  kilograms of CO2 equivalents were reduced, that is

23.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents! 

We hope that you feel inspired to take climate action and learn from all of the Generation Green projects, as we work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve a low-carbon, climate-resilient community

Special Thanks to the Halton District School Board

Halton District School Board

Generation Green would not have been possible without the generous support of the Halton District School Board (HDSB).

We would like to thank the HDSB for their continuous commitment to climate action, climate education and all Generation Green initiatives. We thank the entire HDSB team of Teachers, Trustees, Superintendents, Student Senate, Student trustees, and all HDSB students, and HDSB staff for their contributions and commitment to both climate action and to Generation Green.

The HDSB is the first school board in Canada to declare a Climate Emergency. The Declaration aims to inspire students, families and staff to take collective action to combat climate change. The Declaration firmly demonstrates the commitment of the HDSB to climate action, read more about the HDSB Climate Declaration here

We thank the HDSB for providing an opportunity for students to learn how to become climate leaders. We are grateful to work together to inspire the generation of tomorrow and create a more sustainable future.

Generation Green 2021 Award Winners

Grade 7/8

How to Reduce a Family's Carbon Footprint
Grade 8

202,983.6 gCO2eq

Grade 9/10

Collecting Litter, Pointless or Powerful? Our Eco-lution
Grade 10

1.9 million gCO2eq

Grade 11/12

Save it, Don't Waste it
Grade 11

14,979.63 gCO2eq

Most Impact

Produce Transportation Grade 10

23.2 billion gCO2eq

Most Impact

How to Reduce Home Energy Consumption Grade 11
Milton & Oakville

11004.06 gCO2eq

Most Creative

Hooked on Sustainability Grade 9

134.82 gCO2eq

Most Innovative

It's Feast-ible Grade 11

141.54 gCO2eq

Honourable Mentions

Second Chance

Grade 9

29414.54 gCO2eq

Water Works for GHG Reduction

Grade 10

55484.48 gCO2eq

The Family Green Project

Grade 10

8676.48 gCO2eq

The Litter Critter Project

Grade 12

48988.01 gCO2eq

All Generation Green Projects

We want to thank all of YOU, the HDSB students, for your commitment to climate action in your communities.  All of you have done such amazing work so far on making our community sustainable and progressive.

Individually all HDSB students have shown great achievement and are working hard to reduce GHG in our community. It is our collective action, all of us working together, that makes a big difference! Small actions in our everyday lives can have a huge impact. And remember, no number is too small.

As young people, we have a deeper understanding that our world is changing, but I know from working with Halton Youth that we are capable of making great changes.

The site will be updated with more links and content in the coming weeks.

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Taking Action

Grade 7
827.26 gCO2eq

Climate Change is Real

Grade 7
300 gCO2eq

The Soap Story

Grade 7
2551.92 gCO2eq

Switching off lights during break times at schoo

Grade 8
1611.68 gCO2eq

Waste Reduction Project

Grade 9
5.77 gCO2eq

Biking to the Grocery Store

Grade 9
66 gCO2eq

Impacting from Home

Grade 9
2903.8204 gCO2eq

Enriched Electronics

Grade 9
141.18 gCO2eq

Sine Ova et Caseus

Grade 9
10850 gCO2eq

Three Ways to Environmental Progress

Grade 9
225327 gCO2eq

Living Greener!

Grade 9
147414.99 gCO2eq

Emma’s Vegan Voyage: Reducing GHG Emissions

Grade 9
1877.7095 gCO2eq

Reducing GHG Emission

Grade 9
53766 gCO2eq

Methane, Ethane, Propane, Butane

Grade 9
31336.67 gCO2eq

How much gas can I save?

Grade 9
11566.464 gCO2eq

Measuring GHG emissions from food consumption

Grade 9
2887.8 gCO2eq

Composting Waste to Reduce GHG

Grade 9
347196.6988 gCO2eq

Meat Consumption Reduction

Grade 9
175.21 gCO2eq

GenGreen Project 2021-Lucy

Grade 9
54561.4 gCO2eq

Tired Tires

Grade 9
2906.91 gCO2eq

GHG Community Initiative - Calculating GHG Emitted From Vehicles

Grade 9
553447 gCO2eq

Home Energy Savings

Grade 9
108 gCO2eq

At Home Energy Savings

Grade 9
579.06 gCO2eq

Collective PPE Clean Up

Grade 9
1575.13 gCO2eq

Reducing Meat Consumption

Grade 9
320560 gCO2eq

Reduction of waste dumping; water, electricity, gas usage

Grade 9
2518.35 gCO2eq

The Transportation Trade

Grade 9
3077.9 gCO2eq

Home, Sweet Green Home

Grade 9
77650 gCO2eq

Lights at night

Grade 9
0.835 gCO2eq

Days of Conservation

Grade 9
13649.52 gCO2eq

Lights Off For A Greener Future

Grade 9
44.97 gCO2eq

Carpooling to save GHG emissions

Grade 9
13740 gCO2eq

Bag collection and building

Grade 9
261.4626 gCO2eq

The Ultimate Ominous Birds

Grade 9
1793323.45 gCO2eq

GenGreen Project

Grade 9
11930736.6129 gCO2eq

Transportation and Electricity GHG Emissions Project

Grade 9
-8309.56875 gCO2eq

Green anatomy’s Clothing Drive

Grade 9
168836.7504 gCO2eq

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Grade 9
82349 gCO2eq

Green Gobbling!

Grade 9
176940 gCO2eq

Decreasing greenhouse gas emissions at home

Grade 9
1810.2208 gCO2eq

Household Water Reduction Project

Grade 9
99.58 gCO2eq

Green House Gas Reduction Intiative

Grade 9
384.5 gCO2eq

Generation Green Project - Eshal

Grade 9
1313.67 gCO2eq

Generation Green GHG Reduction Project

Grade 9
46.67 gCO2eq

Home Electricity Reduction - Logan

Grade 9
57.81 gCO2eq

Home Electricity Reduction - Logan

Grade 9
57.808 gCO2eq

Saver of Energy

Grade 9
50 gCO2eq

Eco-Friendly Living

Grade 10
54714.48 gCO2eq