What is Generation Green?

Generation Green is a youth led initiative with the goal of engaging Halton students in climate action leadership, and supporting them in their commitment to greenhouse gas emission reductions in order to drive change and action in their communities. 

Community Initiatives

Students who join Generation Green will be asked to implement an initiative in their community that will reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. In order to make this process as easy as possible, students will have full support from the Halton Climate Collective, as well as access to several resourceswebinars, and an opportunity for face to face meetings with HCC staff. 

As an added bonus, students are encouraged to align their initiatives with a school or science fair project. These projects will also look great on a resume or college/university application. Students who successfully reduce their community’s greenhouse gas emissions will be eligible to receive volunteer hours, a pizza party, a Certificate of Completion, and win one of our amazing prizes.

To join Generation Green, please contact  with your name, grade, and school. Deadline to join is February 9, 2020. 

Important Milestones

In order to support you throughout your community initiatives, we will be following up with students in order to provide guidance and advice, and to avoid potential issues as much as possible. As such, each student is asked to submit three check-in forms. A member of the Halton Climate Collective will review each submission in order to ensure students are on the right track, and will provide individualized feedback. Each submission should take only 5-10 minutes, and can be filled out via Google Forms. Please click on each link to complete the form. 

Project Proposal due within two weeks of joining Generation Green

Progress Report due within two weeks after the submission of your Project Proposal

Final Report due Sunday, March 8, 2020

Wrap-Up Event on Friday, March 20, 2020 (during March Break)

Wrap-up Event

March 20, 2020
10am – 3pm
Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre (2302 Bridge Road, Oakville, Ontario)

On March 20, 2020, Generation Green students will come together at the Wrap-up event to share their projects and their impact with their peers in a science-fair style set-up. Students are free to present their projects however they would like, such as a video, poster board, PowerPoint, picture collage/ slideshow, etc. Over the course of their initiatives, students are encouraged to document their progress (photos, videos, news articles, social media, etc.).  At the event, successful students will also receive their Certificate of Completion, a pizza party, and a chance to win prizes and awards! In order to be eligible for prizes and awards, students must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Successfully complete a project that reduces your community’s greenhouse gas emissions, and submit your Final Report by March 8 at 11:59pm.
  2. Write at least 1 article about Generation Green and/or post at least 10 climate-related posts on social media, tagging #GenGreen, @haltonclimate (Twitter) or @haltonclimatecollective (Instagram), and actively follow, like and share other climate change and #GenGreen related social media posts.
  3. Watch at least 4 of the webinars. Register for future webinars or watch past webinars at Attendance will be taken at live webinars. If you are watching a past webinar, you must fill out this very easy Webinar Form to verify that you watched the webinar.
  4. Be actively involved in the final event on March 20. If you are unable to attend the event, you are still eligible to win, as long as your project is represented at the event (for example, video, poster board, etc – please send your presentation to and she will display it on your behalf). 

Contact Us

For any questions, comments, or concerns, students are encouraged to contact Alana Wong or Afreen Ghouse at the contact information below. They will be the primary points of contact for students and will be available to support students throughout the implementation of their initiatives.

Alana graduated from Brock University in 2018 with a BSc in Biochemistry (co-op). After completing several co-op work terms in the pharmaceutical industry, her interests shifted towards the environmental sciences. She completed her undergraduate research project studying the effects of different soil amendments on plant growth and silica levels in cover crops and grapes, and also worked on the organization and digitalization of the Brock University Herbarium. More recently, Alana has completed her Master of Environmental Science at the University of Toronto, and is now working as a member of the Halton Climate Collective, focusing on engaging youth to drive climate action in the community of Halton to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change. Outside of school and work, Alana loves the outdoors and is an avid athlete, playing provincial level soccer as well as many other recreational sports, coaching kids’ soccer, and watching sports in her free time.

Afreen obtained a B.Sc. in Biology, with a minor in Psychology at Ryerson University. She co-founded Ryerson in Support of Red Cross to fundraise for global humanitarian issues and raise awareness for causes such as mental health, and food insecurity. After graduating, she volunteered with Halton Environmental Network to organize 5, 100 Debates on the Environment, one of which involved brainstorming a climate themed question with high school students to ask political candidates. Upon seeing their enthusiasm, she now aspires to be an advocate for the younger generation and provide them with the voice and necessary tools for climate action change. Utilizing her strength in event planning and passion for the environment, she hopes to engage communities in an interactive way to promote this message while working with Halton Climate Collective. She enjoys volunteering, reading books and anything superhero themed. 

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