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Generation Green is a youth led initiative with the goal of engaging Halton students in climate action leadership, and supporting them in their commitment to greenhouse gas emission reductions in order to drive change and action in their communities.

Join us at the Wrap-Up Event on April 25, 2022,

Share your project and hear from others as you learn how to take climate action!

We will have a Keynote Speaker from the University of Toronto’s new project, Positive Zero Transport Future – A living lab approach enabling transport innovations with zero emissions and positive social outcomes.

Workshops from Town of Oakville, Oakville Electric Bike Shop, Sheridan Bike Club, York University, and our own youth stakeholders. 

Food and Drinks will be provided. If you are practicing Ramadan, space will be provided for afternoon prayer

Join us as we recognize student achievement and projects all day to celebrate how each individual project contributes to reducing Halton’s community GHG emissions! Space is limited so register ASAP!

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The Generation Green Project challenges Halton youth from Grade 7 to Grade 12 to take climate action, this year’s theme Active Transportation.

Students who join Generation Green will implement an initiative in their community that will reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. In order to make this process as easy as possible, students will have full support and access to resources to guide you through the process!

*Masks will be mandatory for the event

Generation Green would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. We graciously thank them for contributing to Generation Green and helping us build a generation of environmental stakeholders and climate leaders!

Take a simple action you do every day and see if you can make small changes or big changes to reduce your carbon impact

Project Proposal – Once you have an idea for your community initiative, please take 5-10 minutes to complete the Project Proposal so that we can approve your project and provide you with some feedback.

Don’t Forget to Sign Media Release Form:

Here are some resources to get you started: 

How to get Started!

Want to do a Generation Green Project but don't know how? Here is a 1 page summary on how to join Generation Green.

Project Examples

What to learn a little bit more about the project expectations before starting? Here's a few things to know to get those 20 community involvement hours

What is Active Transportation

Find out a little more detail, what is Active Transportation.

Helpful Links to get inspired and learn more:

Build the best Street with Streetmix to get some ideas going for your project!

After Submitting your Project Proposal...

Active Transportation

Transportation is one of the leading contributors of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution in Halton. Given its role in the climate crisis – changing how we move around can have big impacts on our community.

We are looking at ways to reduce air pollution and how to build better community for future generations like you!

By designing our communities to prioritize cars – we have created places where it is difficult—even dangerous—for people to walk or bicycle. Creating a more balanced transportation system through supporting active transportation systems can simultaneously result in healthier places and healthier people.

Build a project that focuses on Active Transportation whether it is changing personal habits (bike/walk), Looking at community or re-designing our urban spaces!

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Here are some resources to help you build your project...

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Take Climate Action, join Generation Green


Together we can make our community Better Greener More Sustainable Resilient

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