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What is Generation Green?

Generation Green is designed by youth for youth, with 55 youth stakeholders and 3 youth mentors, our goal is to help students reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in our community and support you in becoming climate leaders in our community. This year’s event is exclusive to students in Grades 7 -12 from the Halton District School Board. The program consists of:
  • A Virtual Conference – a Field Trip for students in Grades 7-12 from the HDSB on March 10th from 1-4 pm
  • An optional 6-week project* with a Launch Event on March 11th at 6 pm
  • Weekly webinars to support students in their projects
  • Engaging events and webinars during Spring Break in April
  • A wrap-up event in May, with prizes!
*This project is an opportunity for students to take what they learn at the conference and apply it to their day-to-day lives to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. They will also have the opportunity to earn 20 community involvement hours from HEN upon completion.

Generation Green Spring Break

Join Generation Green for Spring Break!

Your Spring Break doesn’t have to be blue… join us all Spring Break for fun, engaging activities to inspire YOU to take climate action and celebrate Earth Month. We’ve got a game night, a film screening, a cleanup, and workshops just for you!
Check out our Spring Break schedule of virtual events below:

Details on how to join will be shared on the day of the event so check your email to be a part of Generation Green Spring Break Events!

Here is the full schedule:

April 12; 3- 4:30 pm – #MeasurewhatMatters – Join Climate Reality Project Canada to learn how you can take climate action

April 13; 11- 12 pm –  How to use Social Media to Spread Awareness

April 13; 2- 3 pm – Q&A with Environmental Lawyer from EcoJustice, Sue Tan

April 14; 7 pm to 8:30 pm – Kahoot Trivia Game Night: A fun and educational game night with prizes is definitely a great choice! The game night includes environmental/climate change-related Kahoots and!

April 15; 6-7 pm- Climate Science – Climate 101: How to take action Workshop

April 16; 6:30 pm Film Screening

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out at or

The 6 Week Project

Are you an HDSB student? Do you want to have a big impact on your community? Do you want 20 community involvement hours? We got you covered! Complete a 6-week project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Halton and receive 20 community involvement hours upon submitting your project.

HDSB students are encouraged to take on a project to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. This project is an opportunity for students to take what they learn at the Generation Green Virtual conference and apply it to their day-to-day lives. They will be asked to track and measure their impact and report back in April. Only HDSB students in Grades 9-12 will have the opportunity to earn 20 community involvement hours from HEN upon completion.

Key Dates for Project:

March 11: Project Proposal Opens
*Make sure to watch ‘How to Track, Measure, and Record your impact‘ it will help you as you think about your project.
March 26: Last Day to Submit your project idea

April 9:
Checking in on your progress
April 12-16: Spring Break – More Webinars, Talks, Film Screenings, Trivia and more to inspire you to take action.

April 23: 
Submit your final project
May 12: Generation Green Wrap-Up Event

In order to make this process as easy as possible, students will have full support from the Halton Environmental Network. Students will have access to resources to help them complete their project:

  • Toolkit with helpful information, FAQs, calculations and common greenhouse gas emission numbers. Email Katrine to get your copy!
  • Spring Webinar Series to support students in planning, doing and reporting on their project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our community. Check out the schedule below.

The Halton Environmental staff will be following up to provide guidance and support and an opportunity for face-to-face virtual meetings.

The Spring Webinar Series: Helping you complete your project

The Spring Webinar Series was designed as a part of Generation Green to support students in their mission to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Webinars will consist of a short talk on a topic that is designed to support you in the implementation of your initiatives, followed by an open Q&A period for students to ask questions about their initiatives.

 All Webinars will be hosted on Pheedloop LIVE each Tuesday from 5 pm to 6 pm.  Don’t have access to Pheedloop? Fill out this form to get access or email Generation Green Team to join!

See below for the Spring Webinar Series schedule and resources. Please click on the appropriate icon to access the webinar slides and/or recordings.

Date Webinar (click to register) Description Webinar Slides Webinar Recordings
March 11 Project Launch The Journey continues! Join us for the Project Launch, where we will be the requirements for participation in the project, answer questions, and review how to apply so you can get started on your initiative to reduce GHG in our community. There will be an opportunity to get access to Pheedloop to view Virtual Conference, Access these webinars and more!
March 16 Resources and Next Steps Didn't attend the Project Launch? No problem, join us for a discussion of resources and next steps. We will walk you through all of the resources available to you as you implement your community GHG emission reduction initiative, discuss next steps in the process, and review how you can measure each action. We will then end the session with an open Q&A period.
March 23 Brainstorming, Planning, and Executing Your Project In this webinar, we will give an introduction to 'Design Thinking' which will help you brainstorm, plan, and execute your project. We will then review your next steps and the resources that are available to you, and end the session with an open Q&A period to answer all of your Generation Green related questions.​
March 30 Implementing your Project Join this webinar to learn some tips and tricks for keeping engaged with your project! As well as review how to keep track of your GHG. We will also review your next steps, and answer all of your Generation Green questions in the open Q&A session.
April 6 Troubleshooting Your Project Running into issues with your project? Not to worry, you're not alone! Almost every project will run into issues, some bigger than others. In this webinar, we will provide you with some strategies for troubleshooting your project. We will then review your next steps, and finish off with an open Q&A session for all of your Generation Green questions.
--------------------------------------------------------------------- April 12 to April 16: Spring Break -------------------------------------------------------------------
April 20 Calculating and Reporting Your Impact and Final Submission - Q&A In this final webinar before the submission of your results, we will review the requirements for submission, as well as how to measure, track and report your impact, and walk you through a step-by-step procedure for calculating your impact. We will also answer any last questions that have arisen as you wrap up your community initiatives.
April 27 How to Effectively Communicate Your Impact at the Wrap-up Event In this final webinar of the Spring Webinar Series, we will give you tips on how to effectively communicate your results and share your project with your peers. We will then provide you with more information and answer any of your questions about the Wrap-Up Event on May 12 2021

Youth Conference: 2021

The 2021 Generation Green Virtual Youth Conference is designed by youth for youth, with the goal of engaging students in climate justice and supporting them in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions in order to drive change and action in our communities.This year’s event is exclusive to students in Grades 7-12 from the Halton District School Board. The Virtual Conference will be a field trip for the registered students.

At its heart, climate action is about caring for all people and our planet. Using the knowledge and understanding of climate action, we are building connections with those who are most affected by the climate crisis in order to provide deeper context to the global climate movement.

Taking place on March 10th in the afternoon, the virtual HDSB field trip will feature a panel of climate leaders, a keynote, and breakout sessions.

For more information about the panelists and keynote, see below.

Additional sessions and activities will be launched during Spring Break in April to continue inspiring action! When you register for the March 10th Conference Field Trip, you will have access to the Spring Break events as well!

Youth Conference 2021 (HDSB Field Trip)

Here’s how to register for the March 10th Field Trip:

The conference is being hosted on Pheedloop.  Here are the steps:
Step 1 – Staff will distribute the Permission Form to interested students. Download your permission form here to submit to your school!
Step 2 – Complete the Permission Form with parent/guardian signature, and submit it by March 1st to your school (teachers can accept the forms)
Having problems? Email
Step 3 – On March 5th, You will receive a login/password from HDSB staff.
Step 4 – On March 10th, you attend the conference!
Registered students will be marked as “Excused” in Trillium.
**Students are expected to log in to the conference from their homes, and all activities will be virtual!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out at

Key Note Speaker

Elizabeth Wanjiru Wathuti

Elizabeth Wanjiru Wathuti is a passionate environmentalist, the fourth recipient of Wangari Maathai Scholarship Award, Sustainability and Social Impact analyst at Sustainable Square, Full member of the Greenbelt Movement, and I have also recently been shortlisted as a regional finalist for Africa competing for the UN Young Champions of the Earth Prize 2019.

She is the founder of Green Generation Initiative @GGI_Kenya and an award-winning environmental blogger. She has also recently graduated from Kenyatta University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies and Community Development.


Ashneil Jeffers

I’m Ash, an Environmentalist and Businessman from Montserrat, in the Caribbean. I’ve been learning a lot about the environment over the last few years, and really understanding how Climate Change has affected my life since I was born, and much longer before that. Honestly, things aren’t looking good, but not much people can really comprehend a threat like this. I’m here to do what I can to help people educate themselves more, and to try my hardest to make sure my little islands survives long enough for my grandchildren to see it around…hopefully

Marinel Sumook Ubaldo

Marinel is a Registered Social Worker, and one of the Founders of Youth Leaders Environmental Action Federation. She is the Ecological Justice Campaign Coordinator of Living Laudato Si’ Philippines. She is an advocate for climate and the environment, she has been actively involved in educating communities- especially, the youth and children- about climate change and the roles they can take to adapt and mitigate to its effects. She has spoken to world leaders on behalf of Filipinos during the opening of the UNFCCC COP 21 in Paris and in UNFCCC COP 25 in Madrid. She is a petitioner and has acted as a Resource Person during the Climate Justice Liability Public Hearing during the Climate Week in New York USA last September 2018. She has recently been trained by former US Vice-President Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader, and she continues to tell her story in the global platform aiming to shed light on the reality of climate change, and the urgency for world leaders to keep their climate commitments and for the rest of the world to act on it.   

Tina Yeonju Oh

Tina Yeonju Oh is a Korean immigrant that grew up in amiskwacîwâskahikan (Edmonton, Alberta), where it took her family 13 years to gain permanent residency status. She is climate campaigner and a migrant justice organizer for No One is Illegal-Halifax/Kjipuktuk and a master’s candidate at Dalhousie University. Tina is a former member of the Canadian Youth Delegation to three United Nations climate change negotiations —where she and a team of young people advocated for climate reparations, international solidarity and justice. Tina was featured by the CBC as “13 Canadian environmentalists and innovators changing Earth for the better”; named Canada’s Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 by Starfish Canada; and is recipient of the 2018 Brower Youth Award.


What else is Generation Green up to?

Generation Green 2021 Stakeholders Participate in the Halton District School Board (HDSB) Human Rights Symposium


Human Rights is the work and responsibility of all members of society. The HDSB recognizes the importance of bringing education and community partners together to engage in vital conversations to challenge our thinking. The Human Rights Symposium provides an opportunity for educators and community partners to examine important issues impacted by equality and the human condition.

This year generation Green Stakeholders took part in their discussion ‘Climate Justice and My Future’. Thanks to Julia, Hannah, Rida and Daisy for sharing their voice and for Suha for moderating.Check out the full discussion in the video

Contact Us

For any questions, comments, or concerns, you are encouraged to contact Katrine Handley-Derry, Afreen Ghouse, Riley MacArthur or Georgia Wiggins at the contact information below. They will be the primary points of contact for students and will be available to support students throughout the implementation of their initiatives.

Katrine Handley-Derry, Youth Co-ordinator.

Katrine Handley-Derry graduated from the University of Toronto with a master’s in environmental science, following undergraduate studies in Ecology and Film. Her passion is exploring how film can change people’s perceptions. Katrine produces promotional videos and promotion material. With her passion for engaging audiences, she traveled and lived abroad, developing my language skills in both French and Spanish. Outside of her academic and professional career, she is a landscape painter.

Afreen Ghouse


Afreen obtained a B.Sc. in Biology, with a minor in Psychology. Afreen aspires to be an advocate for the younger generation and provide them with the voice & necessary tools for climate action change. Fiercely passionate in raising awareness for our deteriorating Earth, she is determined to motivate all who will listen to put on your eco-hat, and let us sprint together to create the universal change needed for a sustainable future. Utilizing her strength in creativity and event planning, she hopes to engage communities in an interactive way to promote this message and educate others. At HEN she led the 100 Debates on the Environment for 5 Halton ridings, aided in the Generation Green program for 200 students to create their own GHG reductive projects, ran the Pop-Up Clean-Ups program, and is in charge of volunteer management.

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