Generation Green 2023-2024

DATE: Saturday November 25th

TIME: 9am to 3pm

Location: Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Center, 2302 Bridge Road, Oakville ON

Includes: Complimentary breakfast & lunch, a panel of climate experts discussing food sustainability, followed by interactive climate-focused workshops, and finishing with a college and university fair.  

Registration is NOW OPEN to all Halton Students grades 7 to 12!

This year, we are focusing on a topic that touches every aspect of our lives: Food Sustainability. 

The harsh realities are stark – climate change wreaks havoc on agriculture, resulting in unpredictable weather patterns and threatening food security. Shockingly, one-third of all food produced globally is lost or wasted, which harms the environment. However, in recent years, we’ve embraced sustainable farming practices like regenerative agriculture which can revitalize our soil, boost resilience and reduce reliance on harmful chemicals. In the upcoming years, we’ll see more AI-driven farming solutions like vertical farming, which hold immense promise in optimizing resource use and increasing yields sustainably.

At Generation Green, we want you to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by supporting local and sustainable food producers, reducing food waste, embracing mindful eating and any other creative ideas you have to become catalysts for positive change. Together we can nourish the future and safeguard our planet for generations to come! Let’s make a difference, one plate at a time. More details coming soon – follow us on our Instagram @generationgreenyouth to stay tuned.

Are you a grade 7-12 student in Halton? REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW!  

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